Top 5 Sensational and Charming Secrets of Oman

Oman is a country in the Middle East having subtle blend of old world charm and modern development that offers good shopping, nightlife, lovely hotels, exotic beaches, little mud brick Omani villages at countryside, rugged mountains, canyons , sand dunes and great wadis. On a vacation tour to Oman on this New Year, you can explore best kept secrets of Oman’s breathtaking natural beauty, rolling desert lands and intriguing architectures. By visiting some great destinations or places in Oman, you can make your Oman vacation trip a memorable one with family or friends.

Let us discuss about the locations that are like hidden gems or secrets of Oman, which should be explored on a guided tour:

1. Ras Al Jinz for Turtle Watching:
Thousands of turtles migrate annually to Omani coastline, which makes beautiful remote beaches of Oman as one of the prime location for turtle watching. You can find different species of turtle like the Green Turtle, Loggerhead Turtle and Leatherback Turtle at one of the beaches such as Ras Al Jinz, where turtle lay their eggs in golden sands. It is believed that 50,000 eggs are laid each year at Oman’s shoreline, which makes it a world’s magnificent wildlife spectacle.

Ras Al Jinz for Turtle Watching

2. Explore Beautiful Scenery at Jebel Harim:
Jebel Harim is also known as “the Mountain of Women” that offer sensational views and beautiful scenery, which seems to be visually enriching during a day trip. Home to an array of fossils and other archeological treasures, Jebel Harim is a must-see location for anyone with an aptitude for nature and lover of scenic beauty.

Beautiful Scenery at Jebel Harim

3. Yiti Beach:
Oman’s capital Muscat boasts of a traditionally unspoiled Omani beach-Yiti that offers idyllic views, glorious golden sands and clear blue seawater. The truly tranquil setting at his beach makes it perfect for traveler to enjoy a relaxing afternoon or afternoon dip in simple serenity.

Yiti Beach in oman

4. Masirah Island:
In Oman tourism, Masirah Island is considered as one of the hidden gem, which has turned into one of the most popular tourist destination. Compared to mainland of Oman, Masirah Island’s climate is much cooler, which makes this perfect place to spend some good time. This small island is home to shops, cafes and restaurants as well as a couple of guest houses. Travelers or tourist looking for spending a night or two, beachside camping can have a great time at Masirah Island. One can enjoy here, adventurous water sports, bird watching and dolphin watching activities.

Masirah Island

5. Wahiba Sands:
The large desert area of Wahiba Sands is situated just four hours from Oman’s capital Muscat city, which offers a truly impressive sight as well as is a home for interesting range of vegetation, wildlife and over 3000 Bedouin settlers. On a full day Wahiba tour from Smart Oman Tour, one can meet a Bedouin Family and enjoy their great hospitality. With us you can also enjoy exhilarating guided dune bashing that will consist of going up and down the dunes like roller coaster with 4×4.

Sand Dune

To have utmost fun and enjoyment, you can also opt for our economical and well planned Wadi bani and wadi bani Khalid Oman tour package that will not only help you explore golden and fascinating desert but also will take you to most picturesque wadis of Oman- Wadi Bani Khalid.

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