Top 3 Must-Visit Muscat Sites to Explore in July

Well, the brown mountains breaking into the clear horizons, artistic ornaments designing the roadways, the authentic aroma of Arabian foods and the smiling, friendly people; these are some of the amazing sights that truly defines the city of Muscat; which has the unique Arabian beauty.

If you want to go on a visit to Oman; but you do not have sufficient time to journeying throughout the country, then why don’t you opt for a Muscat sightseeing tour as Muscat itself provides a wide array of stunning sights conveying the ultimate splendour of nature that can’t be expected elsewhere. From the spectacular mountains to striking beaches, sand dunes to greenery galore, Muscat has everything to explore. Though the exotic sights of Muscat are endless, listed below are the top 3 outstanding places in Muscat that worth a visit.

Sand Dune

Muttrah Corniche
With the lush greenish suburbs and excellent monuments, the destination can be an ideal option to visit in Muscat; even if you will just love to sit near the beautifully crafted marble benches at the pavement, or on the dressed grass. In short, the entire views will just captivate you.

Muttrah Corniche

Each and every aspect of this place is extremely elegant; like the colorful musical fountain, the wide incense burner placed on the top of the hill which is just magnificent to look at. The vibrantly lighted hills will simply look appealing during night. However, the key attractions of this place are to hire a bike ride along the seaside, and the kids’ amusement park, among all other selection. The splendid Kalbuh Park and Riyam Park are must visit destinations too.

Riyam Park

Shatti Street
There is nothing around Oman which can come close to the serenity of Shatti Street located near Al Qurum. If you will love to go on a jogging along the seaside, or want to enjoy a coffee at one of the cafes, or just unwind yourself by sitting on the magnificently crafted perches, then the windy sea breeze setting can fulfil all your requests perfectly.

Shatti Street

PDO Hills
Another spectacular spot for enjoying a picnic with offering the panoramic views of the sea from the hilltop is the end point of the PDO hills. There is availability of two amazing ways to enjoy this place; like heading up for getting breathtaking views of the sea upfront, when you will just sit just at the end of a sticking out peak, or head down to the PDO beach, to sit and relax yourself with your family on cool sands by the sea-side, while having a barbeque.

PDO Hills

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Explore The Outstanding Oman Sights In This Summer

Right now, Oman is so hot. Don’t think it’s boiling; but hot at specific times  when the mercury touches 40C. But thanks to the tourism industry of Oman, as it has earned a growing appreciation for its natural and cultural offerings.

Located on the Arabian Peninsula, Oman is a spectacular country with widespread deserts, miles of empty beaches, amazing mountains and many more natural sights to explore. Though it has an extensive list of alluring places to visit; so it’s very confusing to pick a destination for your holiday vacation.

Smart Oman Tour

A Phenomenal Tour in Muscat
Most worldwide visitors love to visit Muscat, a capital city of the Sultanate of Oman. However, it’s worthwhile to spend a few days in this marvelous capital before heading for experiencing the real adventure and romance in the deserts, beaches and mountains.

Beautiful place in Muscat

Muscat is a splendid city with a perfect blend of contemporary and traditional aesthetics. This city comprises of vibrant towns like Ruwi, Mutrah and Old Muscat, plus a small area stretches approximately 50km along the Arabian Sea. If you are out of time, then you can see the sights on a guided Muscat city tour with Smart Oman Tour. Now we are providing unique Oman tour packages to enjoy seeing the amazing sights perfectly within a limited time period.

What To Do in Muscat
Built as the mark of Sultan Qaboos’s reign, the Grand Mosque is the splendor landmark in Muscat. With the restrained exterior, which was built from 300,000 tonnes of Indian sandstone, this mosque is the must-visit destination throughout Oman. In the main prayer hall, there is a sparkling 14 meter tall chandelier which stands out as the second largest handloom Persian carpet.

Muscat main prayer hall

Besides the Grand Mosque, the Royal Opera House is considered as the cultural centerpiece of Muscat as it hosts a wide range of cultural programs like opera, ballet, Islamic and Arabic music and other entertaining events. If you don’t want to watch the shows, then go on a tour to the magnificent building, which is open to the public for a couple of hours in the morning, seven days a week. Take your camera and don’t forget to click pictures.

Explore the Mountains
Want to give a true test of nerve? If yes, then head over to Jebel Shams (the highest mountain of Oman, 3075m), Wadi Ghul (it’s the answer of the Arabian Gulf to the Grand Canyon) and Jebel Akhdar. With a 4WD, enjoy seeing the dramatic scenery of the mountain ranges and memorable panoramas of the nature.

Jebel Shams highest mountain

Witness the Nestling of Turtles
Five out of seven amazing species of sea turtles are found in the spectacular Omani waters. Among the five, two of them are green and loggerhead turtles who come to the shore for breeding purposes. Ras Al-Jinz, situated in the Arabian Peninsula is the hot spot for watching turtles.

Nestling of Turtles

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Oman: – A Wonderful Destination For Upcoming Holidays

Oman: – A Hidden Treasure Of Nature
Oman an eminent Middle Eastern country is filled with diverse natural resources, including mountains, waterfalls, deserts and dunes, waterfalls, oases and sandy beaches. With the arid lands of Northern Jabal, the greenish pastures of Dhofar, dusty rocks and kilometers of coastlines, Oman stand out as the wonderful setting for holiday destination throughout the planet.

Beehive tomb

Top Highlights Of Oman
The spectacular coastlines of 17,000km makes Oman an ideal choice for water sports activities like scuba diving, snorkeling. Even, the deluxe hotels and outstanding beaches have been attracting wide arrays of holiday makers year after year. However, the hot climate and minimal rainfall combining with incredible natural scenery of mountains, impressive sand dunes and rolling green hills make Oman a magnet for worldwide tourists.

Beautiful Hotel in Oman

If you will focus on the cultural sights, Oman is a center piece for the historic castles, forts and towers. Among all appealing sites, the Old City Walls in Muscat and the multitude of archeological features in Sohar attracts millions of visitors every year.

Old City WallsOn the other hand, you need to give the special attention to the museums in the capital city, Muscat. The Omani museums having good historical expositions are the  Museum of Natural History, the Oman-French Museum, the Museum of Omani Habitat in Fort Jalali, the National Museum, the Military Museum at Fort Beit al-Falaj and many more. Enjoy visiting these amazing historic museums delightfully during your Oman tour.

Natural History Museum

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Sei Destinazioni in Oman a gridare nel 2015

L’Oman, paese del Sud-Ovest asiatico, offre una rara opportunità di coinvolgimento in un’abbondante bellezza paesaggistica, paesaggi spettacolari, vento che soffia sulla sabbia e le coste incontaminate del mondo arabo. Sebbene l’Oman appartenga alla parte araba, sono presenti qui persone di ogni religione. Giorno dopo giorno, i turisti stanno giungendo senza soluzione di continuità in questo straordinario Sultanato arabo per rilevarne la miscela unica di anima moderna e antica. Per aiutarvi nella selezione delle vostre scelte di viaggio per il 2015, ho evidenziato sei meravigliose destinazioni, ognuna delle quali ha dei validi motivi per essere visitata:

6. Wahiba Sands, Oman
Se amate sperimentare la forte esperienza del deserto, del colore e temperatura della sabbia, vieni a Wahiba Sands. Tuttavia, qui il colore della sabbia varia dal rosso al miele scuro. Potrai goderti le romantiche dune guidando sulla sabbia del Wahiba.

Wahiba Sands

5. Ras Al- Hadd, Al- Hadd
Ras Al-Hadd, una destinazione turistica rilevante in Oman, è spesso considerata come il nido delle tartarughe verdi. Tuttavia, questo posto è conosciuto come “turtle beach resort”. Le coppie che vengono in Oman amano visitare questa spiaggia per godersi il primo sorgere del sole in tutta la penisola arabica.

Ras Al- Hadd, Al- Hadd

4. Salalah
Salah, la capitale amministrativa del Governatorato di Dhofar, è una splendida città quasi verde, che attira visitatori per il suo clima meraviglioso. Mentre l’intera penisola araba soffre per il caldo estremo, il clima mozzafiato di Salalah manterrà i turisti rilassati. I pacchetti di viaggio in Oman ti offriranno la possibilità di assistere alla magnificenza del tempo arabo.


3. Nakhal Fort
Se avete in programma un tour in Oman, scegliete il Forte di Nakhal, uno dei castelli più suggestivi di tutto il mondo. Questo forte si innalza per 200 metri sulla montagna di Hajar. Se guarderete giù dal Forte di Nakhal, osserverete l’interessante vista della campagna e delle palme di Nakhal.

Nakhal Fort

2. Nizwa Fort, Nizwa
Il Forte di Nizwa è il ricordo di antichi periodi turbolenti in Oman. La torre centrale alta 150 metri ritornerà sempre nella mente di ogni turista. Troverete false porte, pozzi segreti, torrette e molto altro all’interno del castello.

Nizwa Fort

1. Muscat City, Muscat
Muscat, la grande capitale e centro commerciale dell’ Oman è la destinazione top nella mia lista di mete nel 2015. Arricchita da un sacco di siti accattivanti, magnifiche spiagge, alberghi di alto livello e ristoranti, Muscat è diventata una delle mete più spettacolari tutto il mondo.

Muscat City

Tutti questi luoghi di Oman sono i migliori dal punto di vista turistico: create dei ricordi meravigliosi con i fantastici pacchetti di viaggio Oman Smart Oman Tour! Fate un viaggio in Oman quest’anno e godetevi il far parte dell’incredibile Sultanato!