Top Important Things to Know About Muscat Dolphin Watching Tour

Oman – The Awe-inspiring Gem of Arabian Peninsula

Oman, the spectacular land of Arabian Peninsula offers an excellent opportunity to get connected with the Arab world without distorting lens of excessive wealth. The traditional charms and Bedouin values of Oman’s low rise towns appeal visitors from around the world. The abundant natural beauty, ranging from splendid mountains, wind-blown deserts to pristine coastlines, Oman stands out an obvious choice for those seeking out to explore the modern face of Arabia while still want to indulge in its ancient soul.

Among all available sightings in Oman, dolphin watching tour in Muscat can be one of the most amazing activities to be enjoyed on your Oman tour. Hence, all you need to do is to plan out Muscat dolphin watching tour and explore what exactly it has on offer!

muscat dolphin watching packages

Awesome Dolphin Watching Tours and Itineraries in Muscat

Dolphins are considered to be the most familiar sightings to be explored in Muscat, as it is home to a wide array of dolphins and whale species. However, on your dolphin watching tour in Muscat, you can see the dolphins playing in the waters or Oman. Sometimes, you don’t need to go far to spot them. Actually, they will be seen playing up close to your eyes to entertain all your family and obviously you. In fact, a trip in search of dolphins can also offer you a chance to get you wet in Omani waters and discover lively creatures under the sea. For this purpose, your boat will stop in a running bay so that you can find out the ultimate beauty of marine life in Omani waters on your own.

Dolphin Watching tour

Plan Out a Tour to Muscat for Dolphin Encounters

Just come and see dolphins near to your eyes and experience a thrill of lifetime by choosing Muscat dolphin watching tour itinerary. Moreover, the waters around Oman are filled with huge varieties of marine creatures, including the familiar sightings of dolphins. You can see them all around the year and rest assured that dolphins can make your travel most exciting by swimming around. Keep in mind that there’s no exact location which you are most likely to spot dolphins. While many visitors are very successful in sighting dolphins in Oman, but there’s no guarantee every tip sighting dolphins.

Highlights of a Dolphin Watching Tour
•    Half day tour for watching dolphins in Muscat

•    Look for dolphins and enjoy magnificent views over Oman’ rugged coastline

•    Watch out for bottlenose, playful spinner and common dolphin species

•    Enjoy complimentary mineral waters during your Muscat dolphin watching tour

•    Relax yourself with an amazing encounter of dolphins in Muscat

Dolphin Watching & Snorkeling

Conclusion – Do you want to watch dolphins up close to your eyes? Smart Oman Tour offers packages for Muscat dolphin watching tour to explore the most amazing dolphin species on your holidays. Hence it’s highly recommended to choose Smart Oman Tour for Muscat dolphin watching tour to experience maximum adventures forever.

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Fully-fledged Coastal Adventures and Travel Highlights In Wadi Shab

Oman- The Perfect Blend of Calmness and Serenity.
The scented landmarks have the best hands in making jaw-dropping geographic beauty of Oman. Everyone visiting Oman, expects to see sand; but tourists are blown away by the wild juxtaposition of lush agricultural lands, sparkling white beachfronts and humbling peaks like the 3,000m (9,840ft) Jebel Shams. However, one not-to-be-missed highlights of a Muscat-Sur coastal road trip, is the Wadi Shab, an enormous wadi blessed with truly awe-inspiring views.

Muscat-Sur coastal road trip

Wadi Shab- A Breathtaking Encounter to Explore The Uniqueness of Oman.
A visit to Wadi Shab (An Omani Wadi that remains dry except during the rainy season) on your Muscat-Sur coastal road trip is more than enough to dispel the preconceived notion one might have about Omani sights. If you’ve a perception of Oman is just another desert nation filled with sand dunes and a few grass species, then obviously you might be surprised by the warm aquamarine waters that awaits for you at Wadi Shab. Situated around forty kilometers southeast of Dibab, the Wadi Shab is a heavenly paradise. Just beyond the entrance of this wadi, you’ll come across stunning water pools, smoother cascading waterfalls, palm trees and even colorful kingfishers.

Wadi Shab

A Journey To Wadi Shab is Truly Awesome!!
Wadi Shab is probably the best thing I’ve experienced through Muscat coastal road trip packages. Around an hour and a half drive from the Muscat, then Wadi Shab is located in between the sea and the mountain. Unarguably, it’s one of the most scenic places in Muscat I’ve ever seen and is well worth a visit, if you’re ever in Oman.

Well, when you’ll reach near the Wadi, you’ll see a sign off the main road and right after that you’ll arrive underneath a bridge where cars are parked. From there, local people are waiting to transport visitors with their boats so that you can start your coastal adventure.  However, the wadi is rewarded with gorgeous, submarine pools filled with small frogs, fishes, rocky mountain ranges, waterfalls and caves. However, the pools are conveniently located throughout the trekking path, which can give you a perfect opportunity to jump in and unwind yourself. Even, you’ll find a great jumping point where you can safely jump into the deep, cool refreshing water of Wadi Shab. All you need to do is to choose the perfect Muscat coastal road trip packages to get the most out of Wadi Shab.

Wadi Shab

Usually, the hike along the rocky mountains and magnificent pools takes almost 3 hours to complete (If you’re stopping for swims) and it’s highly recommended to bring water and necessary food with you as well as footwear because the rocks can easily get slippery. However, a trip to Wadi Shab is along the untouched nature at its best and for an additional bonus it’s free. As per my experience, it’s so beautiful, especially the colors and atmosphere are just breathtaking! Only I can say is Wadi Shab is a must visit!

For complete adventures on your holiday, I highly recommend to choose a Muscat-Sur coastal road trip with Smart Oman Tour and get exciting travel experiences of Wadi Shab. The tour operators of the company are extremely professional and friendly enough to make your journey an awe-inspiring one. They are now providing Muscat road trip packages at extremely reasonable costs. So, opt for the best packages and return back home with fun-packed memories.

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Top 3 Must-Visit Muscat Sites to Explore in July

Well, the brown mountains breaking into the clear horizons, artistic ornaments designing the roadways, the authentic aroma of Arabian foods and the smiling, friendly people; these are some of the amazing sights that truly defines the city of Muscat; which has the unique Arabian beauty.

If you want to go on a visit to Oman; but you do not have sufficient time to journeying throughout the country, then why don’t you opt for a Muscat sightseeing tour as Muscat itself provides a wide array of stunning sights conveying the ultimate splendour of nature that can’t be expected elsewhere. From the spectacular mountains to striking beaches, sand dunes to greenery galore, Muscat has everything to explore. Though the exotic sights of Muscat are endless, listed below are the top 3 outstanding places in Muscat that worth a visit.

Sand Dune

Muttrah Corniche
With the lush greenish suburbs and excellent monuments, the destination can be an ideal option to visit in Muscat; even if you will just love to sit near the beautifully crafted marble benches at the pavement, or on the dressed grass. In short, the entire views will just captivate you.

Muttrah Corniche

Each and every aspect of this place is extremely elegant; like the colorful musical fountain, the wide incense burner placed on the top of the hill which is just magnificent to look at. The vibrantly lighted hills will simply look appealing during night. However, the key attractions of this place are to hire a bike ride along the seaside, and the kids’ amusement park, among all other selection. The splendid Kalbuh Park and Riyam Park are must visit destinations too.

Riyam Park

Shatti Street
There is nothing around Oman which can come close to the serenity of Shatti Street located near Al Qurum. If you will love to go on a jogging along the seaside, or want to enjoy a coffee at one of the cafes, or just unwind yourself by sitting on the magnificently crafted perches, then the windy sea breeze setting can fulfil all your requests perfectly.

Shatti Street

PDO Hills
Another spectacular spot for enjoying a picnic with offering the panoramic views of the sea from the hilltop is the end point of the PDO hills. There is availability of two amazing ways to enjoy this place; like heading up for getting breathtaking views of the sea upfront, when you will just sit just at the end of a sticking out peak, or head down to the PDO beach, to sit and relax yourself with your family on cool sands by the sea-side, while having a barbeque.

PDO Hills

Do you want to visit these places? If yes, then pick Muscat sightseeing tours from Smart Oman Tour and be sure to return home with plentiful memories of your lives. For more details regarding Muscat sightseeing, stay connected with Smart Oman Tour on Facebook, and Twitter .