Top Oman Sights You Should Not Miss This Holiday

Do you want to explore the Arabian Gulf to the fullest this holiday? If so, then why don’t you plan out a holiday in Oman, the spectacular yet awe-inspiring land on the Arabian Gulf!

Planning a Trip To Oman: –

Currently planning a holiday in Oman? Check out this post below and make the most of your time in Oman. Before going into detail, you should know that when it comes to traveling in Oman, the spectacular Nizwa Fort and the magnificent Bimmah Sinkhole strike our mind first. Let’s have a look at those sights closely:

Oman Trip

Nizwa Fort: –

A tour to Oman is incomplete without a visit to the old yet beautiful Nizwa Fort. Well-known as one of the most visited sightseeing places in the Sultanate of Oman, the Nizwa Fort hosts a serene blend of a castle, a fort and a museum. All these sights showcase old Omani architecture; in which the tower is circular in shape; that you can climb. In actual sense, Nizwa Fort is a combination of fort and castle.

Nizwa Fort

The Fort: –

  • The fort was constructed at the beginning of the 17th century by the Imam Sultan bin Saif Al Yarubi; which took almost 12 years to complete.
  • The tower has 45 meter diameter and height 34 meter. The foundations of this fort extend around 30m underground.
  • To reach the platform of the tower, you need to go through a narrow staircase. At each turn, you will find 10cm thick wooden doors.

The Castle: –

  • It was built in the 9th century and undergone renovation in 1624.
  • The castle comprises rooms for the Imam, his family, guests and royal guards. In fact, the rooms are well-decorated and used to display artifacts.
  • You’ ll find a kitchen space, coffee making room and a date store there.

Do you want to visit Nizwa Fort? Consider choosing Nizwa Fort Muscat Oman packages to enjoy this holiday to the fullest.

The Castle

Bimmah Sink Hole: –

Inhabitants of Oman have a common perception that Bimmah Sinkhole was created by a falling star! Though, geologists have clarified that it was caused by erosion, but the legend goes better with the colorful beauty of the place.

Bimmah Sinkhole is a 40 meter wide and 20 meter deep cavernous hole filled with multitude varieties of turquoise water.

How Do You Get To The Bimmah Sinkhole: –

  • It’s around 113km away from the capital city, Muscat; which will take an hour to reach there.
  • You’ll have to visit along the highway from Muscat to Sur and the sea.
  • The sinkhole is between the Dabab and Bimmah villages.
  • Perfect stop to relax along the way to Wadi Shab.

Bimmah Sink Hole

Visiting The Bimmah Sinkhole: –

  • If you don’t love swimming, it’ll just take half an hour to admire the place at its best.
  • Enormous opportunities for picnic.
  • Toilet facilities right near the entrance.
  • Entrance is free.
  • The way to reach the hole is flat. But if you want to go down, you just count 80 high steps.

Do you like this place? Just you need to choose Bimmah Sinkhole Oman tour packages and experience the most out of the sightseeing destination!

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Take an Amouage Perfume Factory Tour In Oman

There’s a saying that ‘A woman who doesn’t wear perfume has no future’. Some may agree and some may not agree on this quote. But it’s obvious that perfume seems to be best friend of a woman. Studies suggest that, nearly 80% of all women love to make a purchase of perfume once a year. In fact, the reason of buying perfumes may vary; but mostly due to the fact that perfumes can make woman smell great and feel better. Not only does fragrance make women feel good, but will make them feel attractive too. However, we all buy perfume and wear it on a daily basis. But many of us are not aware of that how perfumes are made. Because of that, many Oman tour operators conduct a tour visit to the famous, yet luxury local perfume factory house- Amouage factory in Oman.

Custom-tailored Amouage Perfume Tour In Oman: –  Amouage has been best known as a luxury perfume brand for its sophistication and decadence over 30 years. Amouage factory is a popular perfume house situated in Oman and located just outside the city of muscat in Oman. With a cluster of small buildings, Amouage perfume factory is overwhelmed by a large new structure that will house the entire operation when completed. Renowned for making some of the most finely crafted and exotic fragrances around the world, the Amouage restores artistry to perfumery to create uniquely beautiful scents with a distinct point of view and sources for unique and highest quality of ingredients. All these things make it well worth to go on Amouage tour in Oman.

amouage oman tour

Top Things To Know About Amouage Perfume Factory:
1. Amouage is a niche luxury fragrance house that appeals inspirations from the place of its birth, the Sultanate of Oman, infusing reference points of colorful and rich heritages that fires up the imaginations of people who come in contact with its wonderful range of products.

2. Amouage is a word created from ‘amour’ with an Arabian word meaning, ‘waves’. It uses traditional materials like frankincense and myrrh.

3. There are 120 varieties of natural ingredients used. Silver frankincense is the important one.

4. The most sought after frankincense has come from Dhofar region, located in the southern part of Oman.

5. Frankincense trees were considered to be valuable ones and were guarded by winged serpents. This frankincense tree is present just outside the Amouage showroom.

6. This scent is being developed in the southern region of France and delivered to Oman; where it will be combined with alcohol and undergo an 8 week long maceration period, where all the scents blend together.

Why Taking Amouage Oman tour Is a Good Decision: –

When you’re in Amouage factory, Oman, you will get to smell the subtle perfume fragrance dancing around the room upon entering the opulent and bright area of the factory. You’ll get to know that each fragrance available at Amouage perfume factory is made up of top notes, heart notes and base notes with only the best and rarely available elements used. Amouage perfume Oman ranges from locally sourced Omani Frankincense to ingredients from all around the world. No matter what, a tour to Amouage factory Oman with Smart Oman Tour can ensure amazing views of the beauty and workmanship that needed for designing and building Amouage to reflect the luxury brand from the outside.

amouage oman tour

Conclusion: – Do you want to visit Amouage perfume factory Oman? Start your tour expedition with Smart Oman Tour and return your home with multitude of fragrances.

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Top Important Things to Know About Muscat Dolphin Watching Tour

Oman – The Awe-inspiring Gem of Arabian Peninsula

Oman, the spectacular land of Arabian Peninsula offers an excellent opportunity to get connected with the Arab world without distorting lens of excessive wealth. The traditional charms and Bedouin values of Oman’s low rise towns appeal visitors from around the world. The abundant natural beauty, ranging from splendid mountains, wind-blown deserts to pristine coastlines, Oman stands out an obvious choice for those seeking out to explore the modern face of Arabia while still want to indulge in its ancient soul.

Among all available sightings in Oman, dolphin watching tour in Muscat can be one of the most amazing activities to be enjoyed on your Oman tour. Hence, all you need to do is to plan out Muscat dolphin watching tour and explore what exactly it has on offer!

muscat dolphin watching packages

Awesome Dolphin Watching Tours and Itineraries in Muscat

Dolphins are considered to be the most familiar sightings to be explored in Muscat, as it is home to a wide array of dolphins and whale species. However, on your dolphin watching tour in Muscat, you can see the dolphins playing in the waters or Oman. Sometimes, you don’t need to go far to spot them. Actually, they will be seen playing up close to your eyes to entertain all your family and obviously you. In fact, a trip in search of dolphins can also offer you a chance to get you wet in Omani waters and discover lively creatures under the sea. For this purpose, your boat will stop in a running bay so that you can find out the ultimate beauty of marine life in Omani waters on your own.

Dolphin Watching tour

Plan Out a Tour to Muscat for Dolphin Encounters

Just come and see dolphins near to your eyes and experience a thrill of lifetime by choosing Muscat dolphin watching tour itinerary. Moreover, the waters around Oman are filled with huge varieties of marine creatures, including the familiar sightings of dolphins. You can see them all around the year and rest assured that dolphins can make your travel most exciting by swimming around. Keep in mind that there’s no exact location which you are most likely to spot dolphins. While many visitors are very successful in sighting dolphins in Oman, but there’s no guarantee every tip sighting dolphins.

Highlights of a Dolphin Watching Tour
•    Half day tour for watching dolphins in Muscat

•    Look for dolphins and enjoy magnificent views over Oman’ rugged coastline

•    Watch out for bottlenose, playful spinner and common dolphin species

•    Enjoy complimentary mineral waters during your Muscat dolphin watching tour

•    Relax yourself with an amazing encounter of dolphins in Muscat

Dolphin Watching & Snorkeling

Conclusion – Do you want to watch dolphins up close to your eyes? Smart Oman Tour offers packages for Muscat dolphin watching tour to explore the most amazing dolphin species on your holidays. Hence it’s highly recommended to choose Smart Oman Tour for Muscat dolphin watching tour to experience maximum adventures forever.

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Top Things to do on a Wonderful Muscat Omani Holiday Trip

Gorgeous Muscat city is the vibrant capital of Oman that offers charms of the Middle East and boasts of grand & impressive mosques, busy & bustling souks and breathtaking nature’s spectacle.

When you are looking to plan out a holiday in Muscat then it will be good in considering the below listed things and activities for having a fun filled and enjoyable trip with family or friends.

smart Oman Tour

Explore Mutrah Suq:
Do you want to explore one of the oldest souks in the Arab world? Then visiting Mutrah Suq will be the best choice. With a network of winding alleyways where the traditional and modern sit side by side, Mutrah Suq is a busy market place where you can try your hand at bargaining with sellers for frankincense, Asian spices, precious gems, gold, silver, antiques, Indian and Omani artifacts.

Visit Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque:
It will give you goose bumps while visiting a large and impressive Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque, which was built as a birthday gift to the nation from Sultan Qaboos to celebrate 30th year of his reign. This beautiful and enticing mosque was opened in 2001. The interior of this mosque are rich and grand, which showcases the second largest hand loomed prayer carpet in the world. By visiting this place, you can witness a grand and breathtaking example of modern Islamic architecture.

Grand Mosque

Watch the Sea Turtles:
Travelling to Muscat will offer some unique opportunities in which you can enjoy the chance to experience one of the natures’ wonders .i.e. sea turtle nesting. By opting for an excursion to Ras Al Hadd, you can enjoy striking sights (in the evening) of turtles nest on the beach and run back to the sea. It will give you a unique experience for nature lovers to be a part of this amazing phenomenon of witnessing nature’s majestic creatures from a close distance.

Watch the Sea Turtles

Enjoy Dolphin Watching and Snorkeling:
Dolphin watching & snorkeling in Muscat Oman is a most popular activity, which is enjoyed all year round by the tourist. The Omani clear water is a home to a variety of dolphins and whale species. It will be a delight to watch the dolphins play in-front of your eyes. In order to experience some thrill and adventure, you can opt for exciting snorkeling water sport.

Dulphin Watching tour

Whether you are travelling with family or friends to Muscat, it will be better to consider well planned tour packages from a reliable tour operator like Smart Travel & Tourism or Smart Oman Tour; this will help in enjoying a relaxed holiday trip in a convenient and economical way. You can opt for a well planned Muscat tour or look out for guided Muscat dolphin watching packages from Smart Oman Tour to have utmost fun and enjoyment. We assure you of providing an exceptional service that will make your holiday trip to Muscat Oman a memorable one.

Amouage Perfume Tour to Oman

A lot of nations in this world don’t place such a high demand on stuffs that transform the natural fragrance of the human body. Since I knew virtually nothing regarding Oman prior to touring here, I idealistically had the preconceived belief that it may be one of those destinations.

However, after arriving in Oman I learned from my group leader that my imagination was absolutely incorrect. Here in Oman, people pride themselves on smelling of lovely and rich perfumes. In fact, it is an important segment of their customs that, right from birth, the Omani folks are decorated in unique fragrances, like rose oil, sandalwood and frankincense. Well, it does not stop there. The utilization of perfumery became a form of artistic self expression. Omani folks learn the art of wearing diverse perfumes according to occasions, mood and seasons; perfumes are applied to the individual, hair, garment and smoked into the air.
Amouage perfume oman
Amouage – the king of fragrances:
Discovered more than a quarter of a century before, Amouage is a luxury perfumery  that brings inspiration from its origin of the Sultanate of Oman, imparting reference points from a colorful and rich legacy that sparks the imagination of everyone who come into touch with its magnificent products.

This perfumery is placed in Oman, just outside of the town of Muscat. A bunch of small constructions, it’s overshadowed by a massive new construction that’ll lodge the entire operation when completed. I was fortunate enough to witness the Amouage perfumery in Muscat. I’ve come across many Amouage fragrance shop in shopping malls here in the Middle East, but did not understand what it actually is. Most fragrances in Muslim nations are composed of pure oil essence only. There’s some alcohol in Amouage, which lightens it up a little, but it still possesses the closeness and lasting authority of the oils. A lot of are truly heavy in myrrh and frankincense, and I was amiably amused at the number of lighter permutes available.
The fragrance brand has developed in Oman via Amouage’s existing property in Muscat. The 2-storey perfume house opened its gates to travelers to witness the different phases of perfume making from constituent maceration to bottling & packing and also clarifying the fragrance extraction procedure.

We also visited a room that lets us know regarding the complexities of Amouage perfumes, those of which were separated into individual fragrances. A station  full of constituents enabled us to have a closer glance at both the individual notes concerned in the fragrance making procedure and how exceptional these Middle Eastern scents are in comparison to what I am familiar with smelling back home.
amouage perfumery muscat
During my Amouage Oman tour, I had learned so many things. Though the Amouage fragrances are a bit expensive, but when you see the attention that goes into making it, you can comprehend why.

To arrange a customized Amouage Oman tour, please contact Smart Oman Tour. Initiated in 2011, we’re a leading tour operator in Oman specializing in packaged base and also tailor-made trips across Oman. For any help please get in touch with us at +96896949698.

Top 5 Sensational and Charming Secrets of Oman

Oman is a country in the Middle East having subtle blend of old world charm and modern development that offers good shopping, nightlife, lovely hotels, exotic beaches, little mud brick Omani villages at countryside, rugged mountains, canyons , sand dunes and great wadis. On a vacation tour to Oman on this New Year, you can explore best kept secrets of Oman’s breathtaking natural beauty, rolling desert lands and intriguing architectures. By visiting some great destinations or places in Oman, you can make your Oman vacation trip a memorable one with family or friends.

Let us discuss about the locations that are like hidden gems or secrets of Oman, which should be explored on a guided tour:

1. Ras Al Jinz for Turtle Watching:
Thousands of turtles migrate annually to Omani coastline, which makes beautiful remote beaches of Oman as one of the prime location for turtle watching. You can find different species of turtle like the Green Turtle, Loggerhead Turtle and Leatherback Turtle at one of the beaches such as Ras Al Jinz, where turtle lay their eggs in golden sands. It is believed that 50,000 eggs are laid each year at Oman’s shoreline, which makes it a world’s magnificent wildlife spectacle.

Ras Al Jinz for Turtle Watching

2. Explore Beautiful Scenery at Jebel Harim:
Jebel Harim is also known as “the Mountain of Women” that offer sensational views and beautiful scenery, which seems to be visually enriching during a day trip. Home to an array of fossils and other archeological treasures, Jebel Harim is a must-see location for anyone with an aptitude for nature and lover of scenic beauty.

Beautiful Scenery at Jebel Harim

3. Yiti Beach:
Oman’s capital Muscat boasts of a traditionally unspoiled Omani beach-Yiti that offers idyllic views, glorious golden sands and clear blue seawater. The truly tranquil setting at his beach makes it perfect for traveler to enjoy a relaxing afternoon or afternoon dip in simple serenity.

Yiti Beach in oman

4. Masirah Island:
In Oman tourism, Masirah Island is considered as one of the hidden gem, which has turned into one of the most popular tourist destination. Compared to mainland of Oman, Masirah Island’s climate is much cooler, which makes this perfect place to spend some good time. This small island is home to shops, cafes and restaurants as well as a couple of guest houses. Travelers or tourist looking for spending a night or two, beachside camping can have a great time at Masirah Island. One can enjoy here, adventurous water sports, bird watching and dolphin watching activities.

Masirah Island

5. Wahiba Sands:
The large desert area of Wahiba Sands is situated just four hours from Oman’s capital Muscat city, which offers a truly impressive sight as well as is a home for interesting range of vegetation, wildlife and over 3000 Bedouin settlers. On a full day Wahiba tour from Smart Oman Tour, one can meet a Bedouin Family and enjoy their great hospitality. With us you can also enjoy exhilarating guided dune bashing that will consist of going up and down the dunes like roller coaster with 4×4.

Sand Dune

To have utmost fun and enjoyment, you can also opt for our economical and well planned Wadi bani and wadi bani Khalid Oman tour package that will not only help you explore golden and fascinating desert but also will take you to most picturesque wadis of Oman- Wadi Bani Khalid.

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